Risk and Compliance Consultancy Service

Risk and Compliance Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service in risk and compliance encompasses the establishment of control mechanisms and audit structures within the scope of relevant legislation in internal control and internal audit activities. The service is tailored to the needs of the company, either performing activities as an external resource or providing support in a consultancy format.

Internal Systems Consultancy Service

This service covers consultancy related to the obligations stipulated in the Regulation on Internal Systems in the Insurance and Private Pension Sectors, published on November 25, 2021. The scope of our work is summarized as follows:

  • Assessment of the company's current situation regarding obligations under the relevant regulation and related communiqués,
  • Review of the documentation, including regulations, procedures, control lists, etc., related to the company's internal systems activities,
  • Analysis of alternative internal control practices that can be adopted in line with the company's operations, and the analysis of the positive/negative aspects of these practices,
  • Determination of obligations/improvements requiring action,
  • Planning with relevant departments for the actions identified,
  • Monitoring the fulfilment of obligations within the agreed-upon planning and sharing controls and evaluations as part of the consultancy service.

Internal Control and Internal Audit Consultancy Service

The scope of our work is summarized as follows:

Internal Control Consultancy Service:

  • Review of the company's control/risk matrix,
  • Review of the implementation process of controls listed in the control/risk matrix,
  • Determination of existing (AS-IS) business processes,
  • Determination of deficiencies by comparing the matrix, controls, and business processes,
  • Updating the control/risk matrix and ensuring the addition of control points to relevant workflows after reaching consensus with the respective business unit,
  • Periodic performance of control tests and ensuring the implementation tracking of processes based on needs and demands.

Internal Audit Consultancy Service:

  • Provision of pre-audit support before the audits planned/anticipated by the SEDDK, ensuring the prevention of potential findings.