IFRS 17 Consultancy Service

IFRS 17 Consultancy Service

IFRS 17, which has been on the insurance agenda for the last few years and is expected to remain on our agenda for a long time, brings radical changes. We ensure and standardize technology and data integration in the redesign of accounting and reporting processes, risk management and actuarial operations.

Services offered by our team regarding this issue include:

  • Understanding of IFRS 17 by insurance companies,
  • Implementation of IFRS 17 and integration with accounting systems,

Utilizing data provided by the Company through a standard solution developed by our business partner Addactis, specializing in actuarial services, end-to-end IFRS 17 calculations encompass cash flows, discounting, risk adjustments, profitability and CSM analysis, expense distribution, loss component calculations, alongside the creation of financial statements and footnotes.

Support is extended towards the needs of both foreign and local reporting requirements for group companies conducting IFRS 17 initiatives overseas, aiding in their activities related to international and local reporting.

An analytical tool is being developed to cater to the requirements of small and medium-sized companies considering the scale of their data, providing calculations that address their needs concerning IFRS 17.

  • Providing support for the post-transition process to IFRS 17 (compliance with legislation, technical calculations and actuarial studies).