Responsible Actuarial Service

Responsible Actuarial Service

Responsible actuarial service aims to ensure legal, ethical, unbiased and reliable calculation and reporting of actuarial functions. Within this framework, we provide support within the scope of relevant regulations to ensure accurate and independent calculation and preparation of actuarial calculations and reports conducted by companies.

Calculation and Reporting of Technical Reserves

We specialize in determining the financial obligations arising from insurance contracts for insurance companies. Compliant with current insurance regulations, we utilize actuarial methods to calculate technical reserves and disclose these obligations through periodic reports.

Audit of Technical Reserves

Adhering to Insurance Accounting and Financial Reporting Regulations alongside Insurance Regulations, we offer auditing services to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of technical reserves in the financial audits of insurance companies.

Feasibility Studies

For newly established companies or those considering developing new insurance products or business strategies, we conduct feasibility studies to financially monitor these ideas. These studies help in decision-making by considering potential risks, returns, and costs. Additionally, we evaluate financial requirements and compliance with regulations for company formations, providing reporting services during the establishment process.

Product Design and Profitability Testing

We specialize in designing insurance products and analyzing the profitability of existing ones. We develop appropriate pricing strategies by conducting detailed reviews of the risk profile and cost structure of products.

Merger/Acquisition Valuations

For company mergers or acquisitions, we provide consultancy on calculating and analyzing financial risks and valuations. This aids the parties involved in strategic transactions by ensuring accurate valuations and providing financial security.

Pricing Studies

To appropriately determine insurance premiums, we specialize in developing and implementing risk analysis and pricing models. We offer expertise in evaluating the sufficiency and quality of existing pricing models used by companies based on data and model assessments.

Calculations According to Employee Benefits Standard

Under Turkey Accounting Standard (TMS-19) / International Accounting Standard (IAS-19), we provide actuarial services for employers to calculate and manage the costs of their employees' retirement pensions, health insurance, and other benefits. Our actuarial service for severance pay calculations assists employers in effectively managing financial planning and budgets.

Actuarial Studies for Foundations/Trusts

We offer actuarial consultancy services to evaluate and manage the financial health and sustainability of foundations and trusts making commitments towards retirement.